If you are looking for a tool with incredible versatility, unmatched durability, and great strength, then the tomahawk axe could be the solution!

Unlike knives that are made for hand-held purposes, these tools are designed to be thrown at the target from a distance. Though the tool is being used by the military, it’s now gaining traction among campers and even the general public.

But now, the question arises- How to choose the right tomahawk axe that caters to all your hunting needs?

Remember that choosing such an axe is a potentially daunting task. You cannot just run into any shop and ask for the tool. There are many considerations attached.

Let’s discuss them in detail!

1. Check Its Head Shape

If you are looking to buy the best tomahawk axe that perfectly caters to your hunting needs, always check its head shape. Some of the commonly found shapes are the double-head, single head, or a head with a flat back. If you are kind of a multi-tasking individual, then you may consider double head tomahawks. Also, if you love hunting and tasks involve throwing, then this kind of axe may be an ideal solution for you. On the other hand, you can opt for a flat-back axe if you are into bushcraft and love hammering. It, however, doesn’t mean that single-head axes are bad. The only thing is that it has a single cutting edge which contains all the power and durability, making it even ideal for certain tasks.

2. Don’t Overlook Its Handle

Another major factor to consider while buying a tomahawk axe is its handle. The range of these axes starts from 20 cm and may go up to 50cm. The handle’s length depends on how often you will use it. If you prefer a longer handle, then it can offer you a greater degree of freedom while swinging but may impact your in-hand feel. Though force will be generated greater, you will face difficulty when using it.

With a good long handle, you can perform activities like splitting wood, piercing through sheets, and breaking locks. On the other hand, considering a smaller handle may provide a great in-hand feel and can easily perform a range of activities like throwing, long hikes, chopping, butchering, and more.

3. Prioritise Its Weight

When you are looking to buy a tomahawk axe, always consider its weight. Though the weight of these axes varies in weight, you should choose one that suits your comfort. If you are not a regular user, then you can even skip this aspect. But, on the other hand, if you are a regular user, you cannot overlook the importance of a well-balanced axe. When you are camping, you can take these tomahawk axes along with your bag, car kit, and backpack. Try to buy two lightweight axes and use them as hiking tools.

4. Check Its Price

Finally, another major aspect that you may need to consider is the price of the tomahawk tools. It is no secret that every tool has a price starting from lowest to highest. Try to buy an axe that suits your budget. If you’re not a regular user, then you can buy a reasonably-priced tomahawk and use it whenever the situation comes. On the other hand, if you’re an ardent camping lover, then you need to invest in high-quality tomahawks that can make your every trip enjoyable and convenient.


With all these tips, you won’t fall into the trap and buy the best tomahawk tools that cater to your needs and budget.


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