The clocks have gone forward, we’ve had days without rain, and nature is starting to wake up all around us. It can mean only one thing… Spring has sprung!

Winter has gone on for what feels like forever, and yes it comes with its own perks (Christmas, snow, hot chocolate, hibernating, blankets – wow it needs its own post!), but there’s something so special about Spring.

I’ve sat down and compiled a list of 20 of the things to look forward to now that Spring has sprung, because I don’t know about you lot, but I am so ready for it.

20 Things To Look Forward To Now That Spring Has Sprung

1. Morning Birdsong

There’s nothing more wholesome than waking up to the sound of the dawn chorus. It’s early, I’ll grant you, but being woken up by singing birds is way nicer than that horrible racket your alarm makes. Plus, when you get up with the birds you also get to see the sunrise and there are some pretty mega ones during springtime, so take full advantage.

2. Lighter Evenings

When the clocks jump forward by an hour our evenings get longer and lighter and that means we can fit in so much more. Evening dog walks are more pleasant, we leave the curtains open later, and we’re way more likely to spend our evenings doing something constructive rather than sat festering in front of the telly.

3. Hot Cross Buns

Spring heralds the return of hot cross buns on our supermarket shelves and each year we are spoiled with more and more choice. From the traditional spiced fruit variety, right through to chocolate orange, lemon and white chocolate, apple and cinnamon, mature cheddar, banoffee, and even red velvet, the humble hot cross bun has evolved into so much more than its humble beginnings.  But no matter which variety you choose, there’s no denying that a toasted hot cross bun on a fresh spring day is one of life’s simplest of pleasures. And best of all they’re usually on a buy one get one free deal so make the most of it while they’re still in the shops, because you’ll miss them when they’re gone.

4. Easter Eggs

How can we talk about the good things in Spring without mentioning Easter eggs!?! And somehow, I don’t know how exactly, but egg-shaped chocolate just does taste better than bog standard chocolate in bars. Why is that? What kind of sorcery makes it that way? And yes, I’m a fully grown adult, but my goodness I still experience the same childlike joy of cracking open a chocolate egg and discovering the hidden treasures inside. Even though they tell you on the box, and even though you don’t get anywhere near as much as you used to inside them. I still love it!

5. Spring Flowers

When the bulbs start bursting into life, that’s when you truly know Spring has sprung. Where the world outside your window was once brown and grey dreariness, all of a sudden we’ve got pretty much every colour in the rainbow popping up out of the ground. Daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops, tulips, hyacinths, irises, and carpets of bluebells all paint our landscape turning it into an absolute feast for the eyes.

6. Baby Animals

Spring is the season of new beginnings and new life. And we don’t just witness this in the plant world, it is very much abundant in the animal world too. Let’s face it, all animals are cute. But everything’s cuter in miniature and boy has Spring got some cuties. Bunnies, lambs, chicks, ducklings, there is cuteness everywhere you turn. So, make the most of the good weather and get yourself out there and explore the beautiful countryside that the UK has to offer and try and spot some of these new deliveries yourselves.

7. Spring Cleaning

Probably not the first thing on your list of things you’d like to do in Spring, however there’s something very satisfying and cleansing about having a good old clear out at this time of year. Take this time of new beginnings and growth as a sign to declutter and start afresh. Tackle each job one at a time, maybe taking it room by room, or even drawer by drawer. Get rid of the things that aren’t serving you well, pack away Winter clothes, donate the items you no longer use. You’ll be surprised by how much lighter you’ll feel at the end of the process. After all, a tidy house is a tidy mind.

8. Fresher Foods

Wave goodbye to the comforting, stewy stodge of Winter and say hello to fresh, lighter meals packed full of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Spring, as I’ve mentioned, heralds rapid periods of growth and that brings with it delicious fresh produce for us to get creative in the kitchen with. And it won’t be long before we’ll be thinking about summer BBQs and beach picnics, and that makes me very happy.

9. Sitting Outside

Which leads us nicely onto this next one, because when Spring has sprung, all I really want to do is spend as much time outdoors as possible. I want to uncover the garden furniture set, dust down the cushions, dig out the hammock, and jet wash the patio. I intend to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner out there. My morning Americano, my afternoon cappuccino, my evening cocktail, all of them, I want them outside. And let’s not even get started on pub gardens!

10. New Wardrobe

OK, so I’m not exactly saying we should all go out and buy a brand new wardrobe full of clothes when springtime rolls around. I mean, you can if you want to sure, but we’re living in a cost of living crisis right now so it’s probably not high on our list of priorities. No, what I mean is that we can pack away the Winter jumpers, scarves, hats, gloves etc. and we can actually leave the house without a coat! Being the organised so-and-so that I am, I like to pack away my clothes according to the seasons. Spring marks that transitional time, when I start packing away all my thick jumpers and heavy woolly items and start injecting more colour and lighter layers back into my wardrobe again.

11. Flips Flops

Which also ties in with this next one, because warmer, drier weather means one thing for feet… it’s flip flop season! Which also means it’s time to sort out those gnarly trotters by treating them to a foot soak and some nail polish, or maybe even a pedicure if it’s too much for you to handle yourself.

12. No More Muddy Dogs

We’re still getting rain showers, however slowly but surely the ground is starting to dry out, which is the best news ever to dog owners. I’m sure I’m not the only dog owner who is fed up with having to wash and dry a muddy, boggy, soaking wet dog every time I take him out for a walk. It’s a right old pain. But worry not, because the drier days are coming folks and that means dry paws and clean carpets!

13. Exercising Outdoors

I know you can exercise outside whatever the weather. I am actually a huge fan of trail running in the rain. But that being said, it is so much easier exercising outdoors when the weather is kinder. Spring is a particularly good time of year to start exercising outdoors again, as the weather hasn’t yet got too hot, and the occasional April shower is sometimes a welcome relief. If you’re not sure what exercise to do, simply head out for a walk. There’s so much going on in our countryside at the moment – wild garlic is growing, bluebells are starting to come through, and you might even be lucky enough to spot some of the gorgeous baby animals I spoke about earlier. It’s simply a question of getting outside and moving. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

14. Warmer Weather

When you live in the UK, it only takes the smallest hint of good weather and we’re there decking ourselves out in shorts, sunglasses, and sandals. After the wet, cold Winter months, if we even see just one golden ray of sunshine, it signals that Spring has sprung and it’s time to get our legs out. And it’s also why, you’ll also spot tonnes of sun burnt people, because it catches us completely unawares. Now is the time to stock up on sun lotion for those glorious sunny days ahead.

15. Washing On The Line

There is not a sight more joyous than seeing washing blowing on the line. It is a true indicator that Spring has sprung. No more airers cluttering up the house. No more wet clothes strewn over radiators. And best of all, no more extortionate electric bills from tumble driers and dehumidifiers. Seeing fresh clean washing hanging against the backdrop of a brilliant blue sky is the very epitome of the perfect Spring day.

16. Letting In The Fresh Air

It’s lovely being able to get outside more, but it’s equally as nice being able to let in some of that gorgeous fresh air too. Spring is a time to fling your windows wide and give your house a good airing. Proper ventilation allows for a cleaner, healthier home, which translates to a healthier you. It also improves mood, removes any musty smells, and improves concentration and productivity.

17. First Mow Of The Year

If you’re looking for an activity to do that involves exercise as well as getting a job ticked off your to do list, then look no further than mowing the lawn. Spring marks the first mow of the year and should be done on a fortnightly basis throughout the rest of the season, according to the RHS. And aside from anything else, there’s something so lovely about lying in a hammock, eyes shut and listening to the sound of other people mowing their lawns.

18. Happiness Everywhere

People are happier in Spring. You only have to look around you to see more smiles, more laughter, and more interaction and engagement between people. You’re much more likely to get a ‘good morning’ from a random stranger who you pass in the street on a sunny day in Spring than you are when it’s chucking it down and blowing a hooley in Autumn or Winter. Happiness is infectious, and it’s hard not to smile when the world around you is suddenly so vibrant.

19. Everything Turns Green

Our landscape changes from a monotone drudge of browns and greys, to suddenly being painted with splashes of colour everywhere we look. Trees start sprouting leaves, ferns start to unroll from the forest floor, the grass thickens up and becomes more verdant, and suddenly we see green absolutely everywhere. The colour green evokes feelings of hope, comfort and energy and it helps us to feel rested and less anxious. Which totally explains why we feel so positive during springtime.

20. Increased Motivation And Energy

And finally, one of the things I love about Spring the most is the way it makes me feel. I have more energy, and therefore I have more motivation to do the things I love, to start new projects, to be creative, to meet up with friends, and to be more active. Just as the world starts to wake up, so do I. I emerge from hibernation, a woman on a mission, pumped full of renewed vigour, ready to take on the world!

If you ask people what their favourite season is, most of them will say Spring. And as you can see there are plenty of good reasons why this is the case. Spring is by its very nature a season of positivity. It brings regrowth, rejuvenation, and hope. A time of greater energy and motivation for the days ahead as we move towards Summer. Every season has its merits, and personally I love every single one of them and the varying things they bring with them. But for now, I am taking full advantage of these longer, warmer days and enjoying all the little moments of joy that Spring brings with it.

What Do You Love About Spring?

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