Our creamy take on a classic appetizer is about to take over on game days and holidays. Jalapeno Popper Dip has everything you love about the snack – melty cheese, fiery jalapenos, and crunchy, golden topping – and more. And by more, we mean bacon. Remember – it’s still a finger food when you serve it up with crackers, chips or veggies!

Jalapeno popper dip in a casserole dish, surrounded by Ritz crackers and sliced bread.
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We love dip recipes. But what we love even more than dips is when other foods we love translate into dips. Think Buffalo chicken dip or s’mores dip.

Whether they’re stuffed with cream cheese or cheddar, poppers are absolutely a classic app. In theory. But let’s face it – the ratio of pepper to cheese to (inevitably dry) breading can leave a lot to be desired. Especially when half the cheese either shoots out the back end when you bite into one, or it scalds the roof of your mouth. Or worse, it’s coagulated gloop with no meltiness to be found.

Good news – this app translates. Better news – the dip version is perfectly proportioned. Best news – it also has bacon in it.

This easy jalapeno popper dip recipe features a lot of other stuff you love about poppers too. But not just in theory, in practice. Obviously, this dip’s got jalapenos, except YOU get to control the spiciness. It’s got BOTH cream cheese and cheddar. And it’s topped with light and crispy panko bread crumbs that never feel like you’re trying to chew through a plaster cast.

But wait! There’s more!

With this easy appetizer, you don’t need to worry about finding a good jalapeno popper dipping sauce, because the jalapeno popper is the dipping sauce. Plus, you don’t need a deep fryer or an air fryer. Nor do you have to battle freezer burn or loose crumbs flying all over when you rip open that sad little plastic bag inside the bright purple box that misleads you to believe you’re getting 20 poppers when you only get like, 8. (And one is the size of a small toe, so it doesn’t even count.)

So, while you can’t pop jalapeno popper dip in your mouth, you can pop a Ritz cracker laden with this creamy concoction in your mouth. We’re not saying it ain’t messy, but you can do it. (We believe in you!)

How to Make Jalapeno Popper Dip

While some like it hot, and some walk on the mild side, easy Jalapeno Popper Dip is always a fan favorite. Jalapenos, bacon, cheddar and scallions are baked into a creamy base until bubbling and topped with golden, flaky panko breadcrumbs. Adjust heat to taste and serve with your favorite dippers.


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