A hair conditioner is every woman’s best friend, whether young or old. The right conditioner will do everything, including detangling hair and making it easy to comb, adding natural moisture and making it feel smooth and soft, and making it shine while allowing it to stay beautiful and healthy.

Some conditioners even help strengthen fried strands precluding future heat damage. Just like a colored hair shampoo, the good news is that there is a conditioner for every hair type, whether fine, brittle, thick, frizzy, oily, dry, or natural curl. Here are the best types of hair conditioner you need to know.

Rinse-Out Conditioner

Rinse-Out conditioners are the most common for all hair types. You apply these conditioners after shampooing, and the primary goal is to increase levels of moisture and help detangle your hair. These conditions work by closing the hair’s cuticle scales. Since they don’t have cleansing properties or agents, they aren’t ideal for cleaning.

Deep Conditioners

Deep conditioners have formulations that help with dry or damaged hair. They offer deeper conditioning than other conditioners and have less harsh ingredients meant to combat damaged or dry hair. Sometimes they are ideal for reconditioning your hair.

Keep in mind that deep conditioners aren’t ideal for normal use since they can weigh your hair down. The best way to apply deep conditioners is to use them between 30 and 40 minutes prior to rinsing them off.

Also, for better results, moderately apply heat to your hair to allow the conditioner to penetrate every strand. Deep conditioners provide your hair with much-needed hydration, nutrition, and protein.

Cleansing Conditioners

Cleansing conditioners are ideal for washing your hair and scalp, and that is why they are also popularly known as washes. Their cleansing compounds help eliminate residue and buildup – they are ideal for curly, thick hair as they help maintain moisture.

Leave-In Conditioners

These are conditioners you apply to freshly washed hair without having to rinse it. Unlike other conditioners, a leave-in conditioner remains on your hair until the next wash. A leave-in conditioner is available in different types, including sprays, creams, and liquids.

Leave-in conditioners with lightweight formulas can be used on dry hair to help restore lost moisture while increasing manageability. These conditioners usually have humectants that hydrate and make strands softer enabling them to be stronger and more elastic.

An excellent leave-in conditioner will also help detangle the hair, restore moisture, tame frizz, and reduce breakage. It also helps protect the hair from salt and chlorine when exposed to environmental impairment, especially during summer.

An excellent leave-in conditioner also helps protect the hair from dry and cold air, and some act as heat protectants. Leave-in conditioners are ideal for all types of hair, but they work excellently with drier types, which require more moisture that a regular conditioner cannot provide.

Final Thoughts

When looking for a colored hair conditioner, remember that various conditioners exist for varying hair types, textures, and health. It doesn’t matter whether you need a deep conditioner or a leave-in conditioner for your curly or dry hair; there are great products for you. Just be sure to assess your hairstyle and levels of moisture before picking a conditioner.

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