No matter what type of exercise you do, as a woman the most important bit of kit you’ll ever need is a decent sports bra. And in exactly the same way that boobs come in lots of different shapes, sizes, and colours, so too do adidas sports bras. Which can make the job of choosing one a bit tricky. I mean, how do you know whether you’ve got the right one for you, the one that supports you in the best possible way, but is also comfortable and looks stylish too?

As a smaller breasted woman, I used to think that it didn’t really matter what sports bra I wore. I figured that there was less to support, and that as long as it didn’t hurt when I ran, I didn’t ache afterwards, and it didn’t affect my performance, then I could get away with wearing anything. But the thing is no matter what size boobs you have, they all need some degree of support. After all, the breast itself is literally only supported by ligaments and skin, two relatively weak structures which benefit immensely from the extra scaffolding of a good sports bra!

As an adidas blogger I wanted my next drop to focus on sports bras, and so I’ve selected 6 adidas sports bras to highlight the different features and levels of support that a sports bra can offer as well as showing you just how gorgeous they can look too.

Light Support Bras

Light support sports bras have less structure to them and as such are generally better for women with smaller breasts. Whilst some may come with extra padding, in general the design is kept very simple and the fabric is lighter and stretchier to allow the wearer to move more freely. Light support bras are good for slower moving activities like yoga, barre, Pilates and stretching.

Yoga Essentials Studio Light-Support Allover Print Bra

It’s always worth measuring yourself before buying a new bra as getting one that fits correctly is the most important factor. This light support bra is available in sizes 2XS A – XL DD and whilst in my opinion the fit is very true to size, it’s worth bearing in mind that the straps aren’t adjustable, so you need to make sure you get it right.

I am a huge fan of a sports bra with an interesting back and this adidas bra doesn’t disappoint. The thin strap design looks great when the bra is worn on its own, but also looks incredible when worn under a slouchy off the shoulder top. I’ve gone for it in the black print, because black is basically my staple colour, however you can also get it in Bliss Orange.

The bra is made from adidas’s staple AEROREADY fabric, which has moisture absorbing properties to ensure you’re not left feeling too sweaty and uncomfortable after your hot yoga session. It is also made in part with recycled materials, with at least 60% recycled content.

I love how comfy this bra feels. The fabric is soft and stretchy, but also holds everything in too. I plan on wearing this bra for my gentle home workout days and when I’m doing my longer dog walks, because it’s so comfy I barely even know I’ve got it on.

Aeroimpact Training Light-Support Techfit Bra

When I’m after a pop of colour in my workout gear I tend to choose a bright sports bra to wear under a black vest top so that the straps really pop. And my goodness does this bra pop! Bright magenta pink with colour clashing orangey red straps, this bra is totally the one.

Just like the bra above it is available in sizes 2XS A – XL DD, but the difference with this one is that the straps are adjustable so you have got a bit of wiggle room with it. Although described as a light support bra, I would suggest that with its low to medium compression and the fact that it has more structure to it than the previous bra, you could probably get away with doing slightly more whilst wearing this bra if you have smaller breasts.

What I also love is that one of the key design features of this adidas sports bra is a small keyhole opening at the back, which not only looks stylish but also functions as extra ventilation. Oh, and there’s also removable padding in the front cups, which I know from experience you’ll either get on with or you won’t. For me, I like the fact that the padding prevents any perky nipple problems and adds juts a bit more protection to that area.

Yoga Essentials Light-Support Bra

The last of the light support adidas sports bras I have is this stunning Shadow Red yoga bra, which the eagle eyed among you will have spotted looks remarkably like the first bra I showed you. Well OK, so I’m busted, but I love it so much I couldn’t resist choosing a non-print version as well!

You can also get this bra in Green Oxide and Blue Oxide colourways and despite it being made from the same AEROREADY fabric as the black print yoga bra above, it somehow has more of a brushed cotton fabric feel to it, which is softer and gives the impression of a more relaxed, chilled out vibe to it.

Let’s also draw attention to the subtle ruching at the front that creates a stylish nod to ballet and dance wear, and those straps… how I love a dramatic strap!

Medium Support Bras

Medium support bras are a good all rounder, and a great place to start if you’re not yet too sure what level of support you might need. They generally have more structure to them with thicker, sturdier straps and are less ‘flimsy’ shall we say. This level of support is good for both low and high impact activities and will depend on your breast size and how much lift and support you feel comfortable with.

Powerreact Training Medium-Support Techfit Bra

This eye-popping bra offers all of the brightness and style points as the Aeroimpact Training Light-Support Techfit Bra above, along with a greater level of support. The shape of the bra is an updated version of what I would consider to be a traditional sports bra, as in it’s a racer back, pull over the head type bra. Pretty bog standard you’d think. But in this instance the classic racer back has been given a modern twist with mesh detailing and a stylish cut out section for optimum airflow.

As you can I’ve chosen the brightest of pinks, but you can also get this bra in Almost Yellow/Grey and Black. Like the other adidas bras I’ve selected, this one comes in a decent range of sizes; from 2XS A through to XL DD and is made in the signature adidas AEROREADY material. It also uses adidas’s other nifty activewear tool Techfit, which gives a sleek, lightweight almost second skin feel to the bra and allows unrestricted movement combined with compression support that doesn’t feel as though it’s taking your breath away.

Owing to the style of the bra, the straps aren’t adjustable, so again you need to definitely make sure you get the size right when you order it. This is one of those bras that I know I’ll keep reaching for because it just does everything you need it to. Practical, but with standout styling.

Powerimpact Training Medium-Support Longline Bra

This one is my favourite out of all of the adidas sports bras I’ve got here, and I’ll tell you why…

  1. The allover black animal print is literally #stylegoals.
  2. The straps and back design have got everything going on.
  3. The front says practical, competitive, let’s get this done, the back screams gym bunny style queen.
  4. No padding to fall out, but lovely soft foam-like interior fabric to help avoid the dreaded nipple rub.
  5. Just look at it, it’s gorgeous!

Honestly, this is an absolute beaut of a sports bra. And not only is it a thing of beauty, but its longline design and medium support means for women like me, who prefer a bit more coverage when they workout, this is the absolute dream. I will be wearing this for running, for HIIT workouts, for gardening, for hiking, in fat thank goodness it washed and dries so quickly because I am going to wear this one all the time!

High Support Bra

High support bras are recommended for larger breasted women or for women taking part in high impact activities who want a greater level of support to help protect their boobs from repetitive movement. They will have much more structure to them and added extras like support panels, wider straps, and underwire. This type of bra is good for things like running, HIIT, team sports, and anything that involves vigorous movement.

TLRD Impact Luxe Training High-Support Bra

Right I’ll be honest with you, this isn’t the usual type of bra I’d go for. But in the name of diversity and to throw something different into the mix I wanted to give it a whirl. With its ribbon and mesh style panelling it has a kind of corset feel to it, which I guess is rather apt considering the level of support it offers. However, there is nothing remotely restrictive about this bra; it is comfortable, adjustable, and moves with your body with as much ease as the other adidas sports bras I’ve tried.

The colour I’ve chosen is called Magic Grey (a kind of duck egg blue colour) and you can also get it in: Black, Carbon/Orange Rush/Bright Blue, Legacy Burgundy, Bright Blue/Shadow Navy/Magic Grey, and Purple. The size range is also relatively good, starting at 30A and going through to a 38C, although it would be nice to see some larger sizes there too as this bra is definitely better suited to a larger breast size. And that’s the thing, whilst I find it comfortable to wear and I do generally like the look of it, it feels like this bra offers too much support for my own personal needs.

Features of this high support bra include:

  • Underwired cups
  • Wide adjustable straps
  • Hook and eye fastening with 4 width settings
  • Stylish sheer mesh panels for extra ventilation
  • Adiflex and AEROREADY fabric which feels cool-to-the-touch, sleek and stretchy, whilst also keeping you dry
  • Non-removable padding

If you’re after a sports bra to give much needed support when taking part in high impact sports, then this would be perfect for you.

I hope the selection of adidas sports bras I’ve shown you today gives you a better understanding of the different types of support available to you and to also prove that sports bras have come a long way in the fashion stakes too. Whether you’re doing yoga, running, working out in the gym, or walking the dog, there is a sports bra out there that’s equipped to support your boobs and prevent them from causing you unnecessary pain and sagging. Hopefully this review has helped inspire you when you purchase your next adidas sports bra.

*all products gifted for review.

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