There is no denying that dental care in the UK can be costly. From routine checkups to fillings, x-rays, tooth extraction and emergency treatment, the costs of keeping your pearly whites in good condition can add up over the years.

But is there anything you can do to help mitigate this cost?

Attend Regular Appointments

As odd as this sounds, keeping up with your regular dentist appointment every 6 or 12 months can go a long way in reducing your dental bills. The reason being that preventative dental care is often cheaper than emergency care. At these checkups, your dentist can not only check for potential issues and nip them in the bud before they get worse but work with you to improve your oral care routine to ensure you are doing everything you can to ensure your teeth stay strong and healthy at all times.

Take Out Dental Insurance

Dental insurance can be handy in a pinch if you require a vast amount of dental work. Much like general health insurance, pre-existing conditions won’t be covered, and there will be an excess to pay. However, you choose one of two different types of dental insurance, one that covers essential NHS treatments and one that can cover more extensive private dental work. Make sure to read the policy carefully so you know what you are covered for and what you can expect to pay.

Use An NHS Dentist

If you are able to find an NHS dentist that has the capacity to take on new clients, you can benefit from lower dental costs than going private. NHS dentists have 3 payment bands depending on the treatment you require, and all the treatment you require will be covered. E.g. If you need dental implants, the cost covers all appointments and associated tests and examinations.

Shop Around

It can be worthwhile looking around the dentists in your area to see if any offers are available for benefits to swapping dentists for specific treatments. For example, if you are looking for Low cost dental implants, then find a local dentist who has an excellent reputation and lower costs and offers for payment.

Travel Abroad

If you want to be able to save on the cost of the more expensive cosmetic treatments that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. Countries such as Spain, Hungary, Thailand and even Bali offer dental tourism options for treatments at a much lower cost. No one can benefit from more significant savings; you can also enjoy a break away too.

Use A Dental School

There are 18 dental schools around the UK; however, applying for and accepting treatment can be a lot of paperwork. Not only will you need to be available when the students need to perform specific treatments or consultations, but there may not always be the capacity to perform the treatment you need if you require implants for braces, for example. If you can get an appointment at a local dental school to allow students to practise on you, then you can benefit from treatment of next to nothing.

Dental Payment Plans

Many dentists offer two different types of dental plans. These plans allow you to make regular monthly payments ahead of time for any treatment you may require, including twice-yearly regular checkups, accidents, emergencies and hygiene appointments.

Other options include unlimited treatments for complex procedures for a predetermined monthly cost. However, this will depend on your current oral health and the condition of your teeth and gums before your dentist allows you to choose this plan.

Before you agree to any dental plan, compare the cost of the plan and monthly payments to the full-price cost of what is covered. For many people, finding smaller amounts each month can be easier than paying on the day for costly treatment.

Have A Dental Sinking Fund

Sinking funds are a great idea for putting money away for specific costs. Aside from your regular savings account, you can create unlimited funds for separate specific costs. This can be for your car, MOT, replacing old appliances, and even your dental work. If you know you may need some treatment down the line, starting a sinking fund can help you to save up towards the cost. Or, if you want cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening or braces, a sinking fund can help you to save the money you need.


There is no denying dental work can be expensive at times. However, the best way to avoid massive dental bills is to pay attention to your dental care routine, attend your regular appointments and find the best payment methods possible for your financial situation.


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