It’s maddening when your toddler won’t eat dinner but wants a snack instead! Here’s what to say and do in the moment–and how to survive this season of life.

Your toddler won’t even take a bite? Read on for some ideas.

There’s so much to love about toddlers: The snuggles. The chubby cheeks. The hilariously mispronounced words.

But toddlers can also be maddening: The tantrums. The hostage-crisis-level negotiations over brushing teeth. The refusal to wear clothes when leaving the house.

Feeding kids is hard. But toddlers bring their own unique set of challenges to the table. Literally.

One of the most common challenges: Your toddler won’t eat dinner but wants a snack. Deep, cleansing breaths. Let’s walk through this together!


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