When it comes to working out, no matter how experienced you are, understanding the benefits of the exercises you’re carrying out can help you reach your fitness goals more easily, encouraging you to stick to a routine. There are many pieces of equipment that can support your progression along the way, such as the best adjustable dumbbell set designed to help you increase the weight you lift in small increments. With that in mind, we’ve taken a closer look at the benefits of using free weights versus machines below.

Effectively Increase Your Strength

Even though both free weights and machines allow you to build muscle, machines tend to limit the amount of muscles you can work in one go. Free weights, however, give you the chance to work multiple muscle groups at the same time, helping you get more from your workout. As a result, you may notice a difference in the strength built over time, offering greater benefits to your lifestyle as well as in the gym.

Improve Your Athletic Performance

When it comes to free weights, you’re forced to use your muscles in new ways. One of which includes stabilising your movement, helping you to increase your strength and power. It also helps to enhance your coordination, improving your balance and your ability to control your body during demanding activities. Free weights are far more versatile than machines too, enabling you to use them in ways that enhance your progression.

Use Your Time More Efficiently

We don’t always have time to work different muscle groups in one session which can sometimes leave us feeling deflated. Free weights, however, provide that opportunity, ensuring you activate more than one group of muscles at a time, working different parts of your body. This is particularly useful if you are limited in time, or want to conduct an overall body workout compared to focusing on a core area.

Use A Greater Range Of Motion At One Time

Free weights provide the opportunity to work a number of muscle groups at once, also promoting a greater range of motion. This is because you’re repeatedly carrying out the same motion, improving ligament, joint and muscle movement. As a result, you may also notice an improvement in your flexibility which will increase your muscle blood flow and may enhance your ability to carry out daily activities.

When it comes to working out, it’s always important to consider your fitness goals before settling on a routine. That way, you can ensure that the exercises you’re carrying out are supporting them, not hindering your progression. If you’re unsure, try consulting a personal trainer to help you determine your current physicality vs what you want to achieve long term. Combining the use of both free weights and machines could be the best option for you if no singular workout does. Good luck!

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