The world is a difficult place, and sometimes the concept of positivity can feel quite glib when problems start to stack up. However, what if that positivity was approached in a powerful and proactive manner? This, according to the Wall Street Journal, is what positivity training is, and it can make a real and appreciable difference in quality of life. One way in which people have historically trained themselves in this manner is through powerful messages of strength and personal growth.

The Lion’s Roar

Some of the most effective advice on self development in the modern day has come from the books of Pema Chodron. A former nun and now a Tibetan-Buddhist, her work concerns empowering oneself through compassion to greater heights. In her interview with Oprah, she highlights how it’s crucial to first embrace discomfort, and to approach life with a lack of prejudice or bias. This enables a greater worldview and, crucially, helps to engage with biases against the self – which is hugely empowering. Only through truly knowing yourself and applying proactive measures against biases can you attain that sort of control over ego that’s essential to self-empowerment.

Destroying Preconceptions

Less a philosopher and more a pop mentalist, Derren Brown is well known in the UK for his psychological experiments and how he explains his tricks through simple pop psychology. In the sidelines, however, Brown has built up a small following in his Stoic-like principles, according to The Guardian. Designed to mold modern life, his proactive brand of wellness involves considering every action and your personal reaction – with a set of personal morals and ethics behind it, that’s powerful.

Becoming Radical

There is increasing inequality and stress in the world, and it’s crucial that those seeking to improve their wellness recognize this – without letting it dominate them, and instead having it help them to build their own sense of self. Very Well Fit highlights the influence of Lauren Ash, a yoga teacher who has gone on to help navigate wellbeing in a fractious world.

Turning to these authors and picking their best practices with relation to your own wellbeing scheme will help to influence a healthy, happy, and long life. Acknowledging the stresses of the modern day and reconciling that with wellness plans is crucial, and the best authors can help to provide that direction.


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