In recent years, the healthcare world has seen a significant increase in the rate of weight gain. As a result, many individuals have turned to different solutions to help them lose weight. One of these is the use of the adjustable gastric balloon.

Read on as this article discusses what you need to know about gastric balloons.

How Gastric Balloons Works 

As was previously said, the balloon is positioned in your stomach to create a barrier along the muscular walls of the stomach. It is intended to fill the stomach and restrict the quantity of food that goes into your body. This balloon is left in the stomach for a stipulated period of time. As the quantity of food your stomach can hold is limited because of the barrier and small space, you lose weight. Following that, your healthcare provider deflates the air in the balloon and removes it from the stomach sac.

Healthy Tips For Weight Loss

Because you have a gastric balloon in your stomach, it is natural to want to relax and let it do all the work. Here are a few good tips to help you health-wise:

Drink More Water 

Staying hydrated is important for your body to function well. This is particularly important as the amount of food you otherwise would eat is reduced. Avoid gaseous drinks and drinks with additives in them. Most especially alcohol as you undergo these processes. These drinks have high-calorie content and are the opposite of what your body needs.

Eat In Small Quantities

As the room in your stomach is reduced, eating your meals in small rations is important. This way, you do not put stress on your stomach, and your body can burn out the excess build up of calories. So, space out your meals over short hours and intervals

Advantages Of Using A Gastric Balloon

There are many benefits of using a gastric balloon. They include:

It Is A Non-Invasive Process 

One benefit of using an adjustable balloon is that you do not have to be cut in a surgical procedure to get it in. It is slipped into the stomach walls through a process of endoscopic operation. This method differs from traditional weight loss procedures in that it does not need incisions or invasion of the digestive system. They pose no weight loss balloon side effects and are safe.

Lesser Risk Of Complications

The steps and equipment needed to introduce the intragastric balloon inside the stomach walls are extremely basic. With the aid of a lengthy, thin tube known as an endoscope, a deflated balloon is lined into the stomach. As a result, there is no chance of your stomach’s interior becoming scarred, torn, or damaged. Additionally, the healing time is reduced because the procedure is less invasive. It also has a low chance of infection, facilitating a speedy return to your regular routine.

Finally, losing weight safely and effectively is something you can accomplish by employing a gastric balloon. However, it’s crucial that you consult with your doctor about this before beginning the process. This is so they can give you the best possible advice based on your medical history.


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