As someone who’s been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, I’ve always believed that dietary supplements are necessary to help us fill our nutritional gaps that we miss in our diets. However the right brand choice can be confusing to make with almost 500 different  brands, 29,000 products, and 1,000 new products being added to the market every year. With all of that being said, how do you know which brands are actually worth your money? How do you know which one’s can be trusted? To help you navigate through all of the window dressing of the supplement  world, I’m going to show you exactly how I looked at MixSupps step by step, and why I partnered with them as a Pro Panel expert.

Step 1: How Long Has The Company Been Around?

Years ago the saying was “the longer the company has been around, the more trustworthy it is”. I strongly disagree with that statement. There’s lots of companies that have been around for many years, simply due to the fact that their marketing props them up and that’s what mainly brings in the sales for them. Within the last few years the dietary supplement  industry has exploded with new companies and products, including MixSupps. With new compounds and studies being done every year, the products from companies that are new tend to be more cutting edge than the older brands. MixSupps was founded in 2021, and products officially launched in 2022. A company that’s that new tells me that they’re worth looking at to see what products they have.

Step 2: How And Where Are The Products Made?

I’d hate to say it, but the supplement industry isn’t regulated very well. Anyone can buy raw materials from out of the country and invite their buddies over to mix ingredients with rice powder, put it in capsules, then bottle it and sell it on the market. It’s that easy. That’s why looking into where the products are made is important with any dietary supplements. When looking into MixSupps I found that their products are made in the USA, which speaks volumes about the quality considering that the regulations that are in place here aren’t in place outside of the country. The next plus for me was seeing that their products are made in a GMP Certified facility. Good manufacturing practices (GMP) facilities are stringent on quality management, sanitation and hygiene, building and facilities, equipment, raw materials, personnel, and validation and qualification. After that I saw that MixSupps uses ingredients that are third party tested. Any company that uses an outside lab to test the quality of their ingredients is a company that truly cares about the products instead of solely on the profits. Lastly MixSupps products are

NSF Certified (National Sanitation Foundation) which says that from start to finish, their products are both clean and safe to use.

Step 3: What Kind Of Ingredients Are In The Products?

There’s lots of ingredients to choose from when creating a dietary supplement, and for me that matters a lot. Most products that are on the market tend to use cheap ingredients and sometimes unnecessary ones. To top that off a lot of products may have ingredients that are good, but very underdosed. For someone that isn’t educated about supplements, they can look at the back of a bottle, see a huge list of ingredients, and automatically assume that that’s a good thing. Not the case though. More isn’t always better. I was very impressed with the MixSupps products when looking at them for the first time. They use clinically studied ingredients and most importantly in their clinically studied doses. No fluff. No window dressing. Nuff said.

Step 4: What Kind Of Products Does The Company Make?

The last thing I look at is what the products are designed to do. Do they address any issues that people need help with? There are a lots of brands that create way too many products that cover a huge span of product categories. To me that says their focus is on the profits, not the quality. With respect to MixSupps, they have 3 products that cover areas that I believe all of us could use a little help with.

Energy: in a world that’s constantly on the go, grabbing something that’ll give us a boost is normal for most of us. MixSupps addresses this with their non-stimulant product which gives us that energy we need in a safe and effective way. Hydration: the majority of the population doesn’t drink enough water, and the best hydration drinks available tend to use cheap ingredients and/or are loaded with sugar. MixSupps in my opinion is the best hydration drink you could ask for, providing just the right amount of hydration as well as an immunity boost and fiber.

Fiber: I’m personally guilty of not eating lots of fruits and veggies daily. Chances are that goes the same for you. MixSupps created a fiber product that tastes so good that even kids look forward to it.

With all of that being said, if you’re looking for a supplement company that you can 100% feel confident  in, look no further. MixSupps truly created 3 amazing products that are clean, safe and effective. Grab yours today and experience the benefits for yourself at mixsupps.com


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