If you’re fortunate to have one, your home can be the bedrock from which to build your life. You may change properties over the years but home moves with you, even if the location is different. Your home plays such a fundamental part in life because it can directly influence your health and wellbeing in various ways.

From physical to psychological factors, home can give you an environment in which to relax and unwind after a long day and allow you to engage in personal pursuits in the form of hobbies and passions. Whether you’ve got a new build home or an older period property, there are ways you can utilise the space to help boost your wellbeing – read more below to find out more.

Create A Relaxing Environment

As mentioned above, your home plays a central role in providing an environment to escape from the outside world and all its stresses. There’s a reason why coming home after work feels so good – it represents a safe and sheltered space where you can unwind and recharge for tomorrow. Therefore, the more you can create a comfortable and relaxing home environment, the more you can benefit your mental wellbeing in relation to other aspects of your life. You could redecorate, upgrade your bed or furniture, or invest in warmer lighting to give your spaces a more relaxing feel.

Let The Sun Shine

A home that blocks out the sun all day isn’t going to provide you with a very healthy living environment, especially if you spend the majority of your time at home. Our bodies need sunshine to function properly because it assists in regulating sleep patterns, reduces stress and gives us that all-important Vitamin D. Get in the habit of opening curtains and blinds and let the sunshine in whenever you can because it can help you mentally and physically. Mirrors and bright colours can help to disperse light around your home, even where windows provide no direct sunlight.

Provide Purpose And Downtime

Your home can be useful in giving you space to pursue your interests, hobbies and passions, which all play a part in helping to boost your wellbeing. These pursuits are important to give your life depth and deeper meaning or enjoyment, and to enrich your downtime from your other commitments and responsibilities. You could set up an art studio in one of your spare bedrooms, create a games room, home cinema or a library for reading. Your outdoor space can give you a gateway to nature and could allow you to grow your own garden with strawberries and tomatoes or anything else you fancy.

Declutter Your home, Declutter Your Mind

It has been suggested that decluttering your living space can greatly benefit your mental health – so decluttering, cleaning and tidying your home might be the first step on your journey to better wellbeing. A cluttered home can be reflective of a cluttered mind, so consider the dirty washing in the sink or the piles of clothes on the floor the next time you get home.


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