Trying to motivate yourself to exercise can be challenging. How can you find time to fit a workout routine into your day on top of your already busy schedule? Follow these tips to find ways to get physical activity and experience the mental and physical health benefits it provides.

Set Ambitious Goals

Setting goals can help you visualize success and remind you why you’re exercising. Targets give you something to work toward and keep you motivated. Writing them down can help you see the benefits and give you the satisfaction of physically crossing them off as you reach them.

Consider framing your goals in ways that seem inconsistent with what you want to achieve. For example, you can set a goal to work out five days a week — that’s goal-consistent. Or, you can set a goal to only miss your workouts twice throughout the week. Inconsistent goal framing can reinforce ambitious goals and avoid feelings of guilt and regret from your consistent goal framing.

Create A Routine

Creating a routine is an excellent way to motivate yourself. Patterns can help you develop the self-discipline to hold yourself accountable for your goals, so create rituals around your workouts to help you stay on track and get into the habit of working out. Begin with setting out your exercise clothes the night before your workout.

That way, when you wake up in the morning, you can just grab them and go. Or, you can sleep in your workout clothes to eliminate having to get dressed before you go straight into your workout. Wearing the proper clothing when you work out is essential because it can prevent injury, protect you from natural elements and ensure your body cools properly during your workout.

Mix Things Up

Moderate exercise like walking daily has myriad health benefits but can get boring. You can overwork your muscles and reduce energy levels by doing the same daily workout. Try mixing things up by changing your routine to keep things interesting. Once a month, consider trying something new and different for your activities, from changing your playlist to joining an exercise class.

If you love your workout routine, try incorporating a workout with a similar style that works different muscles in your body. Mix in strength training with your cardio or opt for an alternate running route with more hills and challenges. Join a social media fitness challenge to push yourself and hold yourself accountable. Fitness trackers are also an excellent way to track your progress and set new goals.

Join Forces With Friends

Consider finding a friend to exercise with to encourage you to show up and keep pushing toward your goals. Showing up for a friend is often much easier than showing up for yourself — laying on the couch or working a few extra hours is more tempting when you don’t have someone waiting for you.

Workout buddies can boost your mood, help you stay consistent and make working out more fun. You can join a sports team or group activity to enjoy the social aspect of working out together and enjoy the benefits of being part of a team. Being a part of a team has many mental and physical health benefits, like boosting your self-esteem and reinforcing healthy habits. Walking every morning can allow you to catch up with friends and pass the time while you get your cardio in.

Encouraging Yourself To Workout

Prioritizing fitness doesn’t have to be a challenge, so set yourself up for success by incorporating it into your daily routine and holding yourself accountable. Ensure you listen to your body, rest when you need to, reward yourself for goals you meet and continue pushing forward. You got this!


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