If you live in an area where the air density is very high, you may need an air purifier for your home. Air purifiers offer an extra protection barrier to protect you from flu or epidemics like COVID-19. Also, air purifiers can help you reduce the suffering from allergies like asthma caused by dust and dirt.

Nevertheless, the challenge is often how to get the best air purifier, considering that so many are in the market. Equipping your home with a good air purifier can help you visit the hospital less. Meanwhile, read this buying guide and learn how to choose the best air purifier.

Consider Your Space

The space where you will install the air purifier should be your first consideration. Usually, air purifiers are sized based on the space in which you want to install them. If the room is too big and you buy a small air purifier, it may not filter the air properly. Also, if the air purifier is too big, it wastes money. Therefore, to discover the size of the air purifier to buy, look at the clean air delivery rate (CADR). Ensure that the air purifier’s CADR equals ⅔ of the room size.

Type Of Air Purifier

Not all air purifiers filter all types of pollution. Unfortunately, some people purchase an air purifier for the wrong purpose. Meanwhile, the air purifier will not function at its best when this happens. Therefore, investing in an air purifier that does exactly what you want makes sense. The right air purifier will get rid of the pollutant that is affecting your room. The main air purifiying technologies are activated carbon filters, ionization, photocatalysis, etc.

Noise Of The Air Purifier

There are some air purifiers that are noisy. You can find an air purifier that is noiseless and still powerful. Check the air purifier’s noise level. Go through the technical specifications to find out the noise level of the purifier. The average noise level of an air purifier ranges from 30 dB to 60 dB. Get an air purifier with a low noise level but still offers amazing service.

Maintenance Cost

Some air purifiers are easier to maintain than others. Aside from the cost of the air purifier, you need to consider the maintenance. Also, find out how much it will cost to change the filter. Meanwhile, the quality of the filter determines the cost. If you opt for a cheap filter, you must always change it.

Energy Consumption

The amount of energy consumption of the air purifier should be considered. Also, the energy consumption of an air purifier varies based on the model and size. As you may know, every cleaner designed for a small room will consume less energy compared to a bigger one. Meanwhile, you can also find an air purifier that has low energy consumption but is designed for a big space like those made by Eoleaf. You can find the air purifier’s energy consumption level in the technical specifications.

Air Quality Tracking

Buying an air purifier that can track the air quality in real-time is important. The air quality tracker will help you know how well the purifier is working. Meanwhile, if the air purifier has this future, it may have an automatic mood that adjusts the machine’s speed depending on the pollution level. The idea of this is to protect the user from pollution when they are higher without the user’s knowledge.


However, after checking all these features on the air purifier, go to the technical specification for more information on the device. Compare the information on each device and choose the air purifier that suits your needs. Finally, ask the air purifier vendor for the best that suits your purpose of buying it.

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