You’ll score big with this game day winner! Creamy Hot Corn Dip is golden perfection – a smooth cream cheese base, with sweet corn and bubbly cheese on top. It’s always a fan favorite with crisp, fresh veggies or crunchy chips.

Side view, a spoon tucked into a casserole dish of hot corn dip, garnished with fresh chives.
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We’re big fans of dips. But we’re even bigger fans of when some of our favorite things to eat show up in dip form.

Lobster roll? There’s a dip for that. Chicken wings? There’s a dip for that. Dessert dips? That’s a thing! We’ve even seen Muffuletta Dip. Who dat? Oh, you know, just a spreadable version of one of the greatest sandwiches ever invented. Genius!

So imagine if TWO of your favorite dishes merged into one dip. Imagine if, say, velvety corn chowder and cheesy cornbread decided to have a yummy little dip baby… you’d be down for that, right?

For a condensed post with just the ingredients and step-by-step recipe instructions, click here to view the web story for this recipe!

Hot corn dip with mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, and cream cheese is a down home hit. One bite and you’re definitely going to wonder which great aunt’s house or country style restaurant you’ve had cheesy corn dip at before. (Hint: probably both.)

And before you even ask, yeah, this hot corn dip recipe is “adaptable.” If by adaptable you mean can you put other tasty stuff in it to make it even tastier depending on your mood.

Want it smoky? Hot corn dip with bacon. Want it spicy? Hot corn dip with jalapeno peppers. Want it tangy? Hot corn dip with Frank’s Hot Sauce. (Not for nothing, they do say you can put that sh!t on everything.)


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