You’ve checked rates for personal trainers and mindfulness experts, and attending courses remains out of reach. However, you’re still passionate about leveling up wellness in your life. An Amazon Alexa is enough to kick-start these efforts in subtle yet surprising ways. Here’s what Alexa can do and how to use a simple voice assistant as a wellness coach.

Sleep Better

How does an unassuming tech item help you sleep? Don’t doctors generally tell people to stop using electronics before bed? Alexa can be an exception. If you have smart lights, ask Amazon Alexa to dim or turn them off at the same time every day to prepare your mind for sleep.

You can also request for Alexa to turn on white noise if you’re the type who feels restful with background sounds. It can set the scene for the ideal sleep scenario without you lifting a finger.

Start A Short Workout

It’s understandable if adding a trek to the gym for an hour-long strength-training session is challenging in your daily life. Alexa makes it possible to sneak a few minutes of movement throughout your day. The seven-minute workout is one of the most popular functionalities on Alexa, touting these enticing benefits:

  • Targets multiple muscle groups
  • Improves heart health through cardio
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Supports healthy weight loss
  • Helps manage cholesterol

The good news is you don’t need exercise equipment to get it done because it comprises activities like jumping jacks, planks and squats. You’ll start one workout and realize seven minutes isn’t long. Feel free to start another, and before you know it, accumulating your weekly workout minutes is as simple as breathing.

If high-intensity movement isn’t your style, you may ask Alexa to guide you through yoga poses. You may not always sweat, but it’s crucial to prioritize flexibility and balance as much as strength. Over time, Alexa’s familiarity with your habits will sharpen, allowing it to provide precise and relevant suggestions for personalizing your wellness regimen.

Connect Other Smart Fitness Tech

Do you have a Fitbit or other wearables? These devices seamlessly integrate with Alexa, making it easy to ask if you’re getting enough sleep or movement in your day. Hearing the numbers out loud is awesome motivation for driving momentum toward fitness goals. If your hands are too busy to check devices manually, ask Alexa.

Speaking of apps, there are plenty of options for experimenting. Just ask Alexa to start the compatible app, and it’s ready. If you have ones specifically for stretching or Pilates, Alexa will be your coach — no phone calls, scheduling or money required.

Connecting Alexa with your calendar is another subtle way to have it as your health and wellness coach. If you’re notorious for forgetting doctor or fitness class appointments, set it up to remind you what’s on the docket every morning. This way, you’ll always remember the favors your past self did to support your wellbeing.

Help With Breathing And Meditation

Include meditation in your daily wellness routine if you’re not already. You’ll get the most bang for your buck for almost any health activity — and it’s free with Alexa’s help. No subscription service is necessary. Ask Alexa to hold you accountable by setting up an automation to get into a Zen head space at the same time daily.

You can also ask it to start a five-minute breathing exercise. You may not realize how shallow your breathing is throughout the day, especially when doing deep work and ignoring breaks. Taking intentional breaths of fresh air does wonders for reinvigorating the mind and body.

If you want something even more accessible, ask Alexa for a quick one-minute mindfulness session. Water or bird sounds can fill your ears for a few restful seconds before returning to your tasks. Combine this with daily affirmations to boost self-esteem and confidence.

Use What You Have

Alexa, can you tell me a nutrition tip? Alexa, can you set a five-minute timer to do planks? Fitness and wellness resources exist in your home now, and Amazon Alexa has numerous helpful assets to supplement your health and mindfulness goals. Alexa constantly receives new features, so stay informed and curious — you never know when your new favorite automation or app will drop, making your routines even more curated.

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