If you’re Buffalo-obsessed (the flavor, not the city), then these tiny tastebombs will rock your world. Buffalo Chicken Meatballs pack a tangy one-two punch and are a protein-packed, lean alternative to other game day snacks. Easily adaptable for gluten free and low carb diets.

Side view, buffalo chicken meatballs in a white serving bowl with celery sticks and a blue cheese dressing in the background.
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There’s something just extra special about Buffalo sauce. It’s that perfect balance between heat and tang that makes it adventurous enough for less tolerant palates, but also brings more to the table than just fire.

This Buffalo chicken meatball recipe is a perfect example of how to push using Buffalo sauce to its limit: through both infusion and immersion. It’s like when you directly inject butter into your Thanksgiving turkey, but then also baste it with butter for 8-10 hours. Just zestier.

Scofield extremists may pooh pooh the lowly cayenne (which, to be fair, actually falls about midway on the scale, but is most definitely diluted with vinegar in hot sauces), but they could certainly choose to ramp up the heat in their Buffalo ground chicken meatballs if they want by using a hotter secondary sauce. Just don’t f**k with the Frank’s. That’s canon.

Buffalo chicken meatballs in a large white serving dish with celery sticks and a small dipping bowl of blue cheese dressing.

Why These Buffalo Chicken Meatballs are SO GOOD

For one, our buffalo chicken meatballs are double infused with buffalo sauce – both in the mixture, and then coated – but, there’s another secret ingredient…

Y’all… we added blue cheese crumbles to the ground chicken meatball mixture. (I know, right!?!?)

Double sauced with a double tang from the sauce and creamy, sharp blue?? We took go big or go home very seriously on this recipe. And what’s more, you can double-double down by dipping them in blue cheese dressing too!!

(And because at The Snack Blog, we believe snacks should be universal – for all, by all – we will not be engaging in discourse that takes a hard line in the great ranch vs. blue cheese debate. However, keen observers will note that Buffalo Chicken Meatballs aren’t infused with Hidden Valley for a reason.)

Buffalo Chicken Meatball Ingredients


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