Buffalo Chicken Dip is always the life of the party. Three melty cheeses and tangy shredded buffalo chicken get baked to perfection in this easy sharable recipe. Whether you’re carb loading with crostini or keeping it keto with sliced veggies, it’ll please any partygoer’s palate.

A casserole dish of buffalo chicken dip surrounded by tortilla chips, sliced bread, and sliced vegetables.
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If there was a Superbowl for dips, this would win. In fact, if the Superbowl was an actual bowl you could fill, this buffalo chicken dip would be what you’d want in that bowl.

We have Buffalo to thank for the chicken wing, and we can only assume we also have them to thank for this baked Buffalo chicken dip as well. Our resident Buffalonian says:

“I can’t remember a family function without this dip. Football games, obviously, but also christenings, confirmations, Christmas, Easter… anything accompanied by a church service, really. Having the best buffalo chicken dip recipe was a point of pride for several of my aunts. While all made their buffalo chicken dips with cream cheese, some of them didn’t make it with blue cheese, and interestingly enough, those turned out to be our least favorite… both dips and aunts.”

So there you have it folks. When it comes to buffalo chicken dip ingredients, blue cheese is just as important as the cream cheese base and melted cheese on top. While the three cheeses may be pivotal, it’s the two sauces that really make or break.

“At least all my aunts knew to use two hot sauces. I think they’d have been run out of town long ago if not,” our expert says. “Frank’s MUST be one of the two or it’s not even remotely authentic ‘Buffalo.’ And then the other is your proverbial ‘secret sauce,’ you know, to give you an edge.”

But don’t just take it from those of us with buffalo sauce running through our veins. Give it a go yourself. Just don’t skimp – your family will absolutely judge you.

How to Make Buffalo Chicken Dip

One of our favorite things about Buffalo Chicken Dip is it’s easy to make and to clean up… because there’s never any leftovers. Promise – it’s that good! Smoky, tangy, and cheesy, this crowdpleaser goes with just about any occasion and any accompaniment, from veggies to crostini.


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