Amazon Prime Day is here (for Prime members)! I personally get overwhelmed by looking at hundreds of deals, and I also don’t want to spend a ton of money that I don’t really need to.

If you feel the same, then take a look at my top picks from the sale, including items that I use and love.

If there’s anything you’d like to get, I encourage you to do it quickly because last year I saw many items sell out!

You’ll find all of my favorite deals on my Amazon Storefront:

Or scroll down to check out some that I’ve highlighted here!

Note: this post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

BENTGO KIDS LUNCHBOX: I’m VERY excited about the Bentgo kids lunchbox deal!! This is probably going to sell out and likely the lowest price you’re going to see them at!

SIMPLE MODERN INSULATED CUPS: The Simple Modern stainless steel cups are my favorite for water on the go. The Contigo ones are also leakproof and a great option, but do have a soft mouthpiece and my kids always chew those up so I personally prefer the Simple Modern ones.

MUNCHKIN SPLASH CUPS: I also think the Munchkin splash cups are a must-have for toddlers and kids learning to drink from open cups, but the lid gives you a bit of spill protection!

STASHER BAG 4-PACK SET: Stasher silicone bags are super convenient for snacks on the go! They’ve helped me reduce my use of Ziploc bags.

ZAK DESIGNS MOVIE DINNERWARE SET TUESDAY ONLYI swear kids eat better when they like their plate and utensils! If you have an Elsa lover, grab this set!

Where do I even start?? I’m so passionate about cleaning because I loveeee a clean space, but my kids make that pretty challenging. Gotta be fully prepared to clean up all their messes.

BISSELL LITTLE GREEN CARPET CLEANER: Pet stains and kid stains on the carpet and upholstery really need this thing! One time Emilia colored in her rug with blue marker – like a 3×3 foot area – and it took me some time but the carpet cleaner did eventually suck it all out!

EUFY ROBOT VCF: You’ve probably seen me rave about my robot vac in IG stories, I love that thing, and this is a GREAT price for it.

EUFY HAND VAC: I just recently purchased the small eufy hand vac for the car and my KIDS actually vacuum up their own seats! Winning.

MISS MOUTH’S STAIN SPRAY: The Miss Mouth’s stain spray is excellent and also at their highest discount (20% off)!

MR. CLEAN MAGIC ERASER: These have so many uses! Cleaning “art” from your kids off walls is probably how I use them most, but runner up is cleaning white sneakers! It won’t really work on fabric but for any rubber parts, it works like a charm.

AFFRESH CLEANERS: And here’s a good reminder to clean your dishwasher and washing machine with the Affresh tablets. It’s so easy to do and helps keep your appliances working their best. Dishwasher tablets are on sale TUESDAY and washing machine tablets on WEDNESDAY only!

DYSON BALL VACUUM: This is definitely an investment piece, but I’m pretty sure I got mine for my wedding 10 years ago and it’s still in good shape!

prime day deals 2023 kitchen appliances zojirushi rice cooker and ninja air fryer and vitamix blender and nespresso coffee and espresso maker

ZOJIRUSHI RICE COOKER: I didn’t think I needed a rice cooker but my husband insisted, and now I use it every week. It makes the PERFECT rice without you having to watch over it or do anything. Kinda like a crockpot but for your rice!

NINJA AIR FRYERS: The XL size and the mini size are both on deal! If I were you I’d go for the XL, because you’re probably going to want more space to do larger batches. I do so much in here–reheat leftovers so they’re nice and crispy, cook chicken for the kids (both frozen nuggets and homemade chicken fingers), make crispy veggies for myself, french fries, etc.!

VITAMIX BLENDERS: Two models are on deal: the Series 5200 Blender and the Series 750 Blender. I personally have the Series 750 (was gifted to me) and used to have a model very similar to the 5200. I honestly can’t say I notice anything better about the 750, and the one I had before was in great shape for 10+ years! Personally, I would recommend the 5200 since it’s at a lower price point. It’s still pricey, but if you think you will get lots of use out of your blender, I highly recommend it to pulverize eeeeverything including smoothies, soups, purees, sauces, etc. I use it most for smoothies and sauces so I can mix in things like veggies to my kids’ foods!

NESPRESSO VERTUO COFFEE & ESPRESSO MACHINE: I have a different model because I bought mine forever ago, but really love the Nespresso Vertuo line–great quality coffee and great quality machine!

favorite things amazon prime day 2023 blow dryer brush, birdie personal alarm, portable iphone charger, olaplex, walking pad, airpods, rolling utility cart art cart

DRYBAR SINGLE SHOT BLOW DRYER BRUSH:This thing is basically the only reason my hair looks good when I blow it out! It makes your hair so smooth and sleek. I have a different model (the double shot) because my hair is long and really thick. The single shot is for you if you have shorter hair!

OLAPLEX No 6: I LOVE this lightweight conditioning treatment!! Makes my hair so silky.

BIRDIE PERSONAL SAFETY ALARM TUESDAY ONLYI recently purchased this after my friend was robbed right after we met up for coffee–she went to her car and someone came in her passenger seat and stole her purse. It was incredibly scary for her and made me realize I need to be better about personal safety in general! I now am carrying this with me.

PORTABLE PHONE CHARGER: I hate having to plug in my phone to charge during the day when I need to be out and about or doing stuff around the house. This charger makes it so easy to charge your phone and keep carrying it with you!

WALKING PAD: This is such a good price for a good walking pad!! I walk on this nearly every day, and love that I can slide it back under our bed to store it away. Some people use it at a desk, I just don’t personally have the set up for that! Love getting in some steps when I’m stuck at home.

AIRPODS: This is the older model, but I still wanted to include it because I know these are pricey! But I use my Airpods literally every day and find them so convenient and useful.

ROLLING UTILITY CART: I’ve shared this in my stories before because we use it as an art cart! I love keeping all the art supplies contained, and it’s so easy to pull it out of the closet and then put it away when we’re done.

I hope that this was helpful for you as you make decisions about how and whether you plan to spend during Amazon Prime Day 2023! Once again you can find all of these items on my Amazon Storefront, just look for the boards that say Prime Day!

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