Chicken wings are the ultimate snack that doubles as a meal. (Or is it the other way around?) Either way, Air Fryer Chicken Wings are going to change your wing game for life. Crispy skin on the outside, tender meat inside, all coated in the best buffalo wing sauce outside Buffalo. Just don’t get caught smuggling them into your favorite sports bar.

Side view, air fryer chicken wings tossed in buffalo sauce on a blue plate with celery sticks and blue cheese dressing in the background.
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When one is from Buffalo, one has lots of thoughts – very strong thoughts – about chicken wings. So much so, that one may simply avoid eating them once they leave town, because if it’s not a Buffalo-Buffalo wing, how good can it be?

Truth is, on the whole, not great. Yes, of course, there are places that do chicken wings well outside Western New York, but you gotta dig deep.

Otherwise, they’re never crispy enough or the sauce is half-assed or the actual meat quality is often times questionable. (If I wanted jumbo wings that looked like they were on steroids, I’d eat chicken legs.)

So what’s a Buffalo (lovin’) gal to do? A little homegrown quality control. First, we know how to pick a good wing. Second, we know you need a bit of starch. And third, we know the real secret to the secret sauce. (Psst… it ain’t the butter. Everyone knows that.)

But now there’s a fourth trick to add to this “bucket” list – the Air Fryer (this is an affiliate link to the one Danielle uses and loves. It’s an affordable and compact countertop air fryer. Anna uses the Instant Pot Duo Crisp and wants to marry it).

Air fryer buffalo wings on a blue serving platter with celery sticks and small dipping bowls of buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing.

Up Your Homemade Wings BIG TIME with the Air Fryer!

Being able to cook chicken wings in the air fryer is the single greatest reason to get one. No joke.

And following the air fryer chicken wing recipe below to the letter will get you the best crispy homemade wings every time. All in about 15 minutes per “order.” No more fussing with baking sheets stacked with cooling racks and foil. Thank goodness.

That being said, there is a catch… Depending on the size of your air fryer, you’re probably going to max out cooking a single 1 pound batch (approximately 8-10 wing pieces) at a time. But the balance between breathing room and air circulation is absolutely key to achieving crispy skin and properly cooked meat.

How to Cook Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Crispy, tangy Air Fryer Chicken Wings are a must for any serious snacker. In fact, these Buffalo wings are so good, you may never hit up half-price wing night again. Bonus Buffalo sauce recipe and our best wing tips included.


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