It’s almost time for another New Year’s Eve celebration. Everyone’s talking about how they’ll celebrate the stroke of midnight, but you might wonder if there’s anything left to do before that moment arrives. Read this guide to learn a few essential things women need to do to find success, happiness, and health before the end of the year.

1. Use Your Vacation Days

Many employers allow team members to accrue vacation days throughout the year. On January 1, your paid time off might go back to zero. You’ve already worked the hours to earn them, so use them while they’re available.

For some women, that might be easier said than done. A recent survey found that 65.4% of American women feel too guilty to take time off compared to 54.5% of men. Vacation days exist so you can recharge and return to work in a positive frame of mind. Use them to enjoy a staycation even if you can’t leave town. You’ll appreciate the rest after submitting your time off request.

2. Review Your Annual Budget

Schedule some time to review the budget that got you through this past year. What worked and what didn’t? December is an excellent chance to revamp your budget so you can achieve your financial goals more effortlessly in the new year.

Think about what you want to accomplish with your money and what didn’t happen in the past 11 months, and then make the necessary adjustments in your favorite budgeting app or personalized spreadsheet.

3. Schedule Your Annual OB-GYN Visit

Most doctors recommend that women visit an OB-GYN once a year. You’ll receive preventive care measures to ensure your long-term health, like breast exams, pelvic exams, and potentially bloodwork. It’s also the only opportunity to catch some forms of cancer that only affect people with reproductive organs like uteruses or cervixes.

Research shows that 13,000 women in the U.S. receive cervical cancer diagnoses annually. It’s treatable when caught early after doctors perform a Papanicolaou (Pap) smear and analyze the sampled cells. Schedule a quick appointment for sometime in the next year to take care of that responsibility without hassle.

4. Decide Next Year’s Goals

It’s challenging to feel ready for a new year when you don’t know how to use another 12 months of your life. Reflect on your life goals and create one or two for the upcoming year.

You might want to finally take that bucket-list trip or enroll in community college classes. Maybe you’d love to start a new hobby with a group of friends. The goals you set for the coming year will inform the other steps you’re already taking, like creating a more effective budget and figuring out when to book appointments.

5. Make An Appointment With Your Ophthalmologist

People should visit their ophthalmologist more often as they age. Schedule a general exam with your eye doctor for the coming year to check in with them.

They’ll recommend how often you should visit after checking your visual acuity and eye pressure. They’ll also reflect on your medical and family history to determine whether you’re more likely to experience vision loss due to conditions like cataracts or glaucoma.

6. Donate Some Money

The start of a new year also means tax season is around the corner. Get ahead of a potential bill by donating money to your favorite causes. As long as it happens in this current year and you save records of your donations, your tax professional will count those funds toward your taxes owed. They’ll reduce how much you might need to pay in April, which is another way to start your year on a positive note.

Schedule These Important Tasks

Doing these essential things before the end of the year puts any woman a step ahead of potential problems. You’ll begin January with a great budget, your necessary health appointments scheduled, and more peace of mind. It’s the best way to prioritize yourself while juggling your responsibilities.

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