With the various stresses of our daily lives, it can be easy to forget to properly look after ourselves. Whether it’s eating healthy, staying physically active or practising self-love – each and every one of us deserve some time off for us and our wellbeing. A great way to spend that time off is by going on a health-focused holiday, where your body and mind will be nourished and your batteries recharged. Here are some brilliant wellness getaways ideas:

Ayahuasca Retreats

Ayahuasca retreats date back hundreds of years and, while originally performed by indigenous South Americans, they can now be found in most places across the globe, such as the Avalon’s retreat in Spain, for example. The main idea of these retreats is cleansing yourself from the inside – during your time there, you undergo a variety of rituals and ceremonies that help you get rid of old emotional wounds and harmful behaviour patterns.

There are different types of retreats you can opt for: some include contemporary wellness activities like meditation, yoga and massages, while others offer unusual and unique practices, such as holotropic breathwork, rapé ceremonies, individual guidance sessions and bars therapy. Many visitors come out of an Ayahuasca experience feeling more free, expressive and responsible human beings, and some even find their purpose in life.

Wellness Resorts

If Ayahuasca retreats don’t sound like your cup of tea, a great alternative for them is one of the many wellness resorts around the world. These retreats have a very similar idea, with a slightly different environment and activities. Typically, the wellness resorts will have lots of amazing facilities you can treat yourself in, like a SPA, swimming pool, a gym and all-inclusive healthy food buffets.

Additionally, wellness retreats tend to offer all kinds of health or mindfulness related activities for their guests. For example, yoga, dancing and meditation classes as well as different sports games, like golfing, tennis, ping pong and so on. See it as a luxury getaway where you can focus on treating and looking after yourself.

Walking Holidays

For those who prefer to be on the move and visit tourist attractions while on holiday, walking holidays is a brilliant idea. As you can tell from the name, walking holidays are essentially spending your whole time walking from one part of the country to another. Camino de Santiago walking routes are particularly popular – most of them are located in Spain, but you can also find some in other parts of Europe.

The reason walking holidays are great as a wellness retreat is because they allow you to leave all of your thoughts or troubles behind and only worry about one thing, which is walking. You spend the whole time surrounded by lush landscapes, nature and lovely towns, where you can challenge yourself physically while recharging mentally.

Nature Getaways

Last but not least, nature getaways are one of the most popular ways to unwind and rest from our daily lives. Research shows that, while humans are social creatures, we also crave to be in nature, surrounded by lots of greenery and fresh air. There are so many different places and things you can do, including camping in the mountains, volunteering in an animal shelter, going horseback riding or getting active with some water sports. Whichever one you choose to go for, make sure that you go with a clear mind and a positive approach.


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