Is it just us, or has self-care become a full-time job? If you were to implement every single necessity or recommendation from wellness sites or health influencers, you would spend all of your day only caring for yourself and no time actually living. Of course, this would be tough even if you were able to avoid working for a living, as life comes with many responsibilities that we have to attend to. Add a family, a job, and running a household onto that, and the idea that you’ll sit in some kind of Icelandic ice bath for an hour a day, meditate for another, enjoy sauna and stem cell treatments throughout the week sounds a little overbearing.

No, if self-care is to be sustainable, it has to be convenient and able to fit into an otherwise busy schedule. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t step back and really focus on yourself when needed, as your health is more important than any job you might work. However, in this guide, we’ll try to help you get the best of both worlds, using these three tips for daily wellness:

Find The Right Supplements For You

Supplements are just that, supplements, and not substitutes for a healthy diet. That said, they can help optimize your day-to-day health if you select the right products. A multivitamin tends to be a reliable choice, while Vitamin D supplements in the middle of winter can help you replenish your levels of this vital hormone. You may also opt for supplements you enjoy, like hemp oil extract, or CBD applications in your tea. Keep it simple and select high-quality products for the best results.

Rest Is As Important As Productivity

When we think of wellness, we might picture ourselves heading on that morning run, or doing yoga in front of a lake, and that all counts. However, it’s good to know when to relax, destress, and come down to earth. Some people struggle with this, especially if they’re go-go-go week after week. It’s your solemn duty to know how to relax and replenish yourself, so take some time to read when you can, or meditate for ten minutes each morning, or perhaps take that bath with candles and scented lotions when you can. Even a fifteen-minute napping schedule at lunch can work wonders if you work from home. What matters is balancing yourself out in this way.

Simplification Is Essential

It’s good to remember that complexity for the sake of it is not necessarily a virtue. Instead, life can become much easier to deal with and much more enjoyable when we simplify our approach to each day. A routine can help us with that, as meditating in the morning, reading in the evening, or eating well at lunch is easier to deal with when we prepare and know what we’re doing when. If you feel that you’re too busy, or have too much to keep up with, look at what you can remove. It might be that you get both exercise and your stretching routine in yoga, for instance.

With this advice, you’re sure to follow the best efforts for daily wellness.


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