Your skin is your largest organ and as such, you need to look after it. It will look after you. When it is healthy, its many layers protect us from harm. However, when it is damaged, it no longer works as an effective barrier. Looking after it is essential if you want to stay looking fresh and young. There are many pieces of advice out there for good skin health and many will recommend their own product. However, if you are struggling and your skin needs a lift then here is a little advice on what you can use to revitalize your skin and improve it.

Gua Sha

Gua sha is a tool that has been used across Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. It is often used in acupuncture and is used to scrape areas around the body where inflammation or stagnant chi has accrued. This can help your circulation and promote the healing ability of your body. One tool that has received particularly good feedback is the facial gua sha tool. It removes any older and drier skin and can help you feel and look younger.

Having A Healthy Diet

This is something that has become synonymous with healthy in any department of your body. Your moisturizers are useful, but they only go skin deep, and aging happens at a cellular level. What you eat is really important. You should think about trying to incorporate more antioxidants into your diet as well as polyphenols. These will rejuvenate your skin a little bit more and keep your body healing. You can find these in green tea and in mangoes.

Reducing Stress

Whenever you have an important event in your life, you may notice that you start to get more spots and pimples appearing on your face. Well, that is not a coincidence. Research has shown that stress affects your skin. You are more likely to experience hair loss, itchy skin, scaly skin, and rashes when stressed. One way you can tackle this is to set aside half an hour every day just for yourself. This may be the time you take a bath without access to your phone, or you may join a yoga class. Whatever helps you to destress.

Keeping Moisture In Your Skin

Skin moistures are ten a penny in any beauty store you go into. Their role is to keep the top layer of your skin hydrated and to seal in the moisture. They often have humectants in them that attract moisture to your skin and keep it there. It also fills the spaces between the skin cells and smooths them. However, not every moisturizer will work for you, so you need to find which works for you. Try grabbing small samples of a few and experimenting with them. The important thing to do is to moisturize every day for it to be effective.

Looking After Your Skin

This is no easy task. The skin goes through a lot on a daily basis. However, you do not have to let it suffer in silence. Make sure to take some time to help your skin be smooth and moisturized.

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