Inside: Are your kids fixated on dessert? Do they rush through the meal to get it? Serving dessert with dinner just might change your life. 

Cupcakes WITH dinner, not after?! Yep!

When my kids were younger, I went to a potluck dinner with other neighborhood families.

Someone had brought mini cupcakes and put them on the table along with the rest of the food. So when the kids went down the line with their paper plates, guess what they wanted?

Mini cupcakes, of course!

Parents said “not right now” and “after you finish your chicken”.

Except me.

Yes, the lone dietitian in the group let her kids put a mini cupcake on their plates, along with chicken and fruit and carrots. My kids ate their cupcakes first then ate their other food and went off to play.

The other children continued to pester their parents about the cupcakes. They wanted to know: “When can I have one?” and “I took three bites of chicken. Can I have one now?” and “How about NOW?” 

The parents were, understandably, annoyed–at their kids for sure, and probably at me for being the mom who let her kids eat cupcakes with dinner.

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