A loaded baked potato is pretty low on the list of shareable snacks. Loaded Baked Potato Wedges on the other hand – now there’s a party waiting to happen. Crispy baked (or air fried) potato wedges get gussied up with classic toppings from bacon and cheese to sour cream and onion. Grab your forks and gather ’round!

Side view, baked potato wedges on a parchment lined baking sheet topped with cheese, bacon, sour cream, and chopped chives.
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When it comes to potatoes, “loaded” is a loaded term. There are a million variations, but there shouldn’t be. This should be a generally accepted concept, like Waffle House hash browns. Smothered, covered, and chunked each only mean one thing. Forever and ever, amen.

The baseline for a loaded potato is bacon, cheese, sour cream, and onion. Butter is arguable; broccoli is a hard ‘no;’ and adding chili is a whole different food dimension. (Looking at you, Wendy’s.)

But I’m not concerned about those who go above and beyond, I’m concerned about people who think loaded just means like “bacon and cheese.” That is a damn lie. 2 out of 4 is not loaded. At best, it’s half-loaded.

So, when we say these are Loaded Potato Wedges, we mean it. They are baked potato wedges with bacon and cheese and sour cream and onion. There’s no tips to “make it your way” that include not using one of those four things. If you don’t want a fully loaded potato wedge, that’s another recipe. You’ll find no quarter here.

The best we can do is tell you that you can make loaded baked potato wedges in the oven or in the air fryer. There you go. That’s as versatile as it’s going to get.


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