The summer is upon us. And when it is a time for family get-togethers and relaxation for some of us, another worry arises in a lot of people. With spring and summer, the trees thrive, and flowers bloom. This is when the seasonal allergens cause a lot of allergic reactions. These allergies can damage your planned quality tie with your friends and family. This is why air and furnace filters are a must to protect your family from seasonal allergies.

What Are Seasonal Allergies?

Allergies can cause discomfort any time of the year. For example, dust and animal fur allergies are common throughout the year. But when we talk about seasonal allergies, we normally mean pollen allergy that attacks at certain parts of the year. Anyone with pollen allergy can find a bit of reprieve in the winter, but the discomfort caused by allergies is too great in the summer and spring.

How Can Furnace Filters Reduce Seasonal Allergies?

Each type of HVAC unit has a compartment for air filters. Even though we use furnaces to keep the air warm in chilly environments, we tend to ignore another aspect of the machine. Furnaces contain filters to keep the indoor air clean. Furnace and AC air filters can trap small elements such as pollen, pet dander, dust, and other microbes to maintain air quality. Especially in spring seasons, a good quality air filter is a must to survive the seasonal allergy effects.

How To Protect Your Family From Seasonal Allergies?

Clean air can directly relate to clean health. For any household, small children and older family members need extra care with their environment even though they do not have any allergies. On the other hand, asthma patients suffer gravely in a dirty indoor environment. To protect your family members from the effects of seasonal allergens, you need to take a few steps:

Use Good Quality Filters

Choosing the perfect filter for your space is very important. Simply Filters is a reputed air filter supplier where you can find good quality and the exact filter you require for your house. During the seasonal allergen situation, keeping a mediocre filter for your home will not do you any good. It is a universal truth that all things of higher quality come at a higher price. If you already have a certain filter installed, check if it does its job well. If it fails to protect you from pollens and other allergens, it is better to use another one with better ratings.

Beware Of Different Rating Scales

According to experts, HEPA filters do the best job of entrapping allergens to the smallest levels. It is said that HEPA filters can filter up to 99% of the unwanted elements floating in the air. Filters are often rated based on their capability to keep the air clean. MPR, FPR, and MERV ratings can say a lot about the quality of the filters. For allergies, using a MERV 11 filter is recommended.

Arrange Proper Maintenance

Installing a furnace does not mean you can carelessly keep enjoying the functions of the machine. To get the best output out of your HVAC units, it is mandatory that you arrange for proper maintenance by trained technicians. To protect your loved ones from allergic attacks, the air filter needs to be cleaned and replaced when required.


A furnace can last for decades, but if you do not care for the machine, you might have to replace it too soon. There are no defences against seasonal allergens other than a good quality air filter. Filters come in different sizes, such as a 13.25X13.25X1 air filters, a 15.25×15.25×1 air filter, etc. You have to choose which one suits the machine and your environment. You have to install the air filters and also look after them so that you can conduct necessary repairs or replacements easily.

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