When you hear cannabis, your mind instantly goes to marijuana, drugs, addiction, and destruction. However, in the past few decades, science has proven that there are little to no dangers to the consumption of cannabis; rather, it alleviates the symptoms of or helps with many conditions.

Cannabis, in its natural form, has many different components, of which the two most important ones are Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). While the former is used for medicinal purposes and has multiple health benefits, the latter is mainly responsible for the high and addiction that comes with smoking cannabis.

Therefore, scientists have found a way to separate these components and extract CBD alone for use in medicines, food, oils, and other products so we can take advantage of the benefits. If you’ve been prescribed or recommended CBD and are wondering what the health benefits are, this article is for you! Read on to find out about 8 health benefits of CBD and which CBD products.

Finding Authentic CBD Products

Since CBD is a fairly expensive extract, many companies use knock-off products that they claim to be real CBD. Using such products will generally do you more harm than good. Therefore, it is essential to buy authentic, premium CBD products.

To check the authenticity of a CBD product, check the list of ingredients to see if it specifically mentions CBD or Hemp Extract. Anything else, such as hemp seeds or hempseed oil, means that the product does not actually contain CBD.

Naturally, you can imagine that finding an authentic CBD product is bound to be difficult, as you may have to visit multiple CBD dispensaries. However, finding a reliable brand or store to buy CBD products is not easy, especially if you live in a state like Tennessee, where the possession, purchase, and use of Cannabis products is conditional. An easier alternative is to just order your CBD products online from a verified store, such as Smoky Mountain Organics, the premium Pigeon Forge hemp store. This way, you can save yourself the trouble and get authentic CBD products that meet the legal requirements right at your doorstep!

Health Benefits Of CBD

Scientific research has found that there are multiple health benefits of CBD. From relief from minor aches to serious issues such as alleviating symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), CBD has turned out to be no less than a magic elixir. Let us look at some of the common health benefits of using CBD!

1. Lowering Anxiety

People struggling with mental health have often turned to recreational drugs for relief, cannabis being a common choice. It was thought that with their brains feeding off the high, people with mental disorders such as anxiety and depression could find a temporary escape. However, it has now been established that the THC high present in cannabis is actually anxiety-inducing, and it is actually CBD that helps manage mental health disorders.

2. Helping With Insomnia

Patients with chronic insomnia have reported a great difference in sleep after using CBD. CBD can help insomniacs finally get a good night’s sleep by alleviating the symptoms of insomnia like calming the nervous system and reducing anxiety. However, these effects have only been seen after consuming moderate to high doses of CBD. Additionally, it has also been suggested that CBD can help alleviate symptoms other sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and even PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

3. Pain Relief

One of the most rudimentary health benefits of CBD is pain relief. You can use CBD as an alternative to your paracetamol or ibuprofen and avoid the negative effects of using too much allopathic medicine. A rub of CBD oil on your forehead can instantly eliminate your headache. However, CBD technically has the potential to cure chronic pains and body aches, including neuropathic pain, which is extremely hard to treat.

4. Lower Blood Pressure

Another fantastic health benefit of using CBD is helping reduce blood pressure. Hypertension, also known as the ‘silent killer,’ is one of the most common diseases in the world today, and big pharma makes billions, if not trillions, off of blood pressure medication each year. However, research shows that a single dose of CBD can help reduce blood pressure, making it a great alternative to traditional hypertension medication.

5. Diabetes Prevention

Today, over 500 million adults suffer from Diabetes Mellitus, and this number is steadily increasing every single day. With the deteriorating quality of food, unhealthy habits, and inactive lifestyles, diabetes is a serious issue facing the world today. CBD has been found to help with managing weight and reducing insulin sensitivity, which in turn significantly reduces the risk of diabetes.

6. Strong Bones

Bone health is essential for people of all ages, as weak bones lead to several serious health issues such as arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. Especially women over the age of 50 are at grave risk of bone issues. A major reason for weak bones is an enzyme produced naturally in the body, which obstructs the bone-regeneration and building process. However, research has shown that CBD helps improve bone health by directly blocking this enzyme.

7. Healthy Skin

Another benefit that makes CBD a miracle extract is its effect on reducing skin inflammation, such as acne, psoriasis, and dermatitis. There are two major ways CBD improves your skin’s health. CBD produces an anti-aging effect by blocking the sebaceous glands from working properly and complementing the endocannabinoid system of the skin. Hence, with regular use of CBD, you can alleviate many skin conditions that can help you achieve that smooth, glowing skin of your dreams.

8. Preventing Relapse

Addiction today is a fairly common affliction. People are addicted to drugs, alcohol, nicotine, food, etc., and all of them are bad for their health. A great benefit of CBD usage is that it helps prevent relapse. With its anxiety-relieving effects, CBD helps alleviate cravings brought on by stress and depression. In this way, CBD helps people stay sober and healthy in the long run.

Final Words

CBD has many other health benefits and even more when consumed in its true form as Cannabis. However, due to the negative side effects of THC, CBD is the better option. CBD has a lot of potential in the medicinal market as it has shown remarkable results in alleviating symptoms of and helping with the treatment of everyday health issues as well as diseases such as epilepsy and MS. Scientists have even suggested that in the future CBD may be able to manage effects of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

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